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CHEER 2011-12
Yearbook Portraits

  Important Information

Individual yearbook photos can be ordered using a printed order form available from CHEER. If you need a form, contact Mari Beth Moreland and she will email one to you.

These photos were taken with Image Idaho's professional equipment by Kendall Moreland, a student in the Co-Op yearbook class as a project for the class. Kendall has been learning photography for more than 7 years, and this large group shoot used skills developed during many days assisting Dad and Mom on group photo shoots, sports-action photography, and many hours of individual instruction.

For a shoot to be successful, it takes a lot of preparation and planning. I can say with honesty that as the primary photographer on this group session, he handled himself very well. He remained calm under pressure and did great work. Of course, he had many many others supporting this effort without whom it would not have been possible. Thanks goes out to everyone! Kendall wrote a summary of what he learned through this experience. It is available for you to read here: KENDALL'S PHOTO SHOOT SUMMARY

You will see that quality and consistency in the photos are very high. I hope you will order some photos to support your yearbook purchase. All profits from photo sales goes toward making your yearbook cost lower.


A personal note

Our apologies for the delay in releasing the portraits. Mari Beth's husband, Monty, was involved in an accident with a car while cycling home from work on November 17, 2011. It took a while to recover from that setback and the portraits took a back burner. If you are interested, read the details of the story in their 2011 family letter on their personal site montymoreland.com.



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